Women on the
Edge of Extraordinary

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Talented, Ambitious, Successful Women
are SUFFERING from

Women are . . .
1. Reluctant to claim credit for their achievements
2. Threatened by Disapproval of Others
3. Seeking External Verification
4. Under-charging and Over-Delivering
5. Blaming and Shaming themselves, “I should have ____________!”

Struggling with

§ Overwhelm
§ Being Undervalued
§ Eroding Self-Confidence
§ Imposter Syndrome
§ Courage that Falters
§ Isolation
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It’s Time to Get Out of Your Own Way

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§ The Exact Steps to Re-Claim Your SELF -“I ” dentity™
§ THE “Secret Weapon” to getting ahead and staying there!
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Your facilitator: Deborah Dubree - Develop Your Edge

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Global Team Coaching | Behavioral Psychology | Neuroscience
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Emotional Intelligence | Positive Psychology | Hypnosis |
Body Language |Social-Emotional Intelligence |
Conscious Communication | Trauma Resiliencees| Sports
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